You want what’s best for your child, whether that means their education, faith, or health. Catholic Schools provide a unique environment that allows students to grow in their faith while performing at high academic levels in a community of dedicated educators, parents, and advocates.

What We Believe

Our Position:
We invite all families to entrust their children to our care and join a community of dedicated educators, parents, and advocates. Together, we guide our students on a sacred journey and mold them in their most formative years with the profound understanding that they are a reflection of their experiences. Our students discover their greatest potential is not reflected simply by high test scores, but at the intersection of their God-given gifts, the desire to learn, and service to others.

We nurture this potential with reverence, encouragement, and discipline. We are called to this great responsibility. We promise each individual student that we serve and teach in Jesus’ name. We instill in them a pride in their efforts and celebrate their echoing achievements. We teach them through the Catholic faith that all they do in life is greater with love. In our care, they receive a strong spiritual foundation and an education that guides them for the rest of their lives.

Our Promise:
Together with you, we teach every student who embarks on this sacred journey how to wield their intelligence, compassion, and spiritual conviction throughout the rest of their lives to make their home, community, and world a better place.

Elementary Grades K-8 Terra Nova, Third Edition

Class of 2018 Report Card & Secondary Achievements

  • Total number of registered seniors in August 2017: 1,470
  • Total number of graduates in May 2018: 1,453
    Circumstances that resulted in differences between numbers one and two:
    • Students moved or transferred to different schools.
    • Withdrawal or dismissal of seniors.
    • Failure to meet graduation requirements.
  • Graduation Rate: 99%
  • Total number of National Merit Semi-Finalists: 20
  • Total number of National Merit Finalists: 19
  • Total number of National Merit Commended Students: 20
  • Total Number of National Merit Special Scholarships: 11
  • Total number of Governor’s Scholars: 53 (For rising seniors in summer of 2018; Class of 2019)
  • Total number of students in Governor’s School for the Arts: 14 (For rising seniors in the summer of 2018; Class of 2019)
  • Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs: 7
  • Total number of scholarships received: 3,727
  • Total dollar value of scholarships: $167.1 million
  • Total estimated value of KEES awards received: $7 million
  • Percentage of graduates furthering their education: 98%
    % to 4-year college: 92%
    % to post-secondary training (e.g.vocational or associate degree programs): 6%
  • Percentage of graduates entering the workforce: 2%
  • Percentage of graduates who are undecided: 0%
  • Total number of service hours contributed by seniors in the 2017-18 academic year: 55,480
  • Overall number of service hours contributed by high school students: 195,420
  • Average* ACT score: 24.8** (99% of students took the ACT)
  • 60% of seniors enrolled in college-level courses.


Living Faith

The spiritual mission of 
Jesus Christ is the reason Catholic Schools exists. Both spiritual and academic experiences in Catholic Schools enable students to deepen their relationship with Jesus, broaden their knowledge of their faith tradition, and connect their faith to daily life. The foundation of faith around which academic programs exist permeates every aspect of the school day and continues beyond it. This faith-filled environment instills high degrees of self-confidence, self-respect, and self-discipline among students.

Ultimately, a Catholic education should prepare students to be good stewards of God’s gifts and active people of faith who serve others, participate in their faith and civic communities, and make a difference in the world.

This spiritual mission is carried out in many ways—regular classroom instruction, weekly school liturgies, prayer experiences, sacramental preparation, retreats, service learning, and extracurricular activities. And this mission is supported by educators who are committed to fulfilling the teaching mission of Jesus Christ and who offer spiritual guidance in a faith-based environment.

We are committed to continuous improvement in this critical mission of our schools. One of the tools that we use to measure the impact of religious education is the Assessment of Catholic Religious Education (ACRE), a nationally-normed questionnaire that is administered annually to students in grades 5, 8 and 11. ACRE measures students’ knowledge about their faith and offers opportunities for students to answer questions related to religious beliefs, practices, and perceptions.

While all students are expected to participate in religious classes and services, Catholic Schools welcome students from a variety of faith traditions, and these traditions are treated with respect. Overall, fourteen percent of students who attend Catholic Schools are from other faith traditions.

Service Learning

Service learning opportunities are part of the curriculum of several Catholic Schools.  In this model, service activities are incorporated into the curriculum, providing real life learning, and students are encouraged to develop leadership skills and civic responsibility.

As students mature within the supportive environment of Catholic schools, they are challenged by their faith to take their gifts and give back to the broader community.  Students visit non-profit organizations and civic and governmental institutions to learn about systems, how to be good citizens, and how to advocate for their beliefs. Each year students in Catholic Schools clock hundred of thousands of hours of community service.