Grant Period Covered: July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

Catholic Education Foundation grants address the following needs:

  • Tuition Assistance for Archdiocese of Louisville Catholic elementary schools (A separate FACTS application must be submitted for consideration. For more information visit
  • Religious Education for Parishes and Schools
  • Professional Development for Educators and Catechists
  • Technology Enhancements for Schools

Application forms for Religious Education, Professional Development and Technology should be submitted online to the Catholic Education Foundation. Only one Grant Request Summary should be submitted for each Parish (including the parish school), Catholic regional school, Catholic private school, or Catholic secondary school. Applications MUST BE submitted by February 28, 2018.

Responses to the request for grants will be communicated by May 18, 2018.

Recipients of all grants must provide proof of purchase in order to be reimbursed by the Catholic Education Foundation. Reimbursement requests should be submitted to the Foundation no later than May 1, 2019.


The following beneficiaries are included for consideration in the allocation of resources from the Catholic Education Foundation:

  • All parishes in the Archdiocese of Louisville
  • All parish-sponsored schools, Catholic regional schools, and Catholic private schools in the Archdiocese of Louisville
  • All private secondary Catholic schools, exclusive of post-secondary schools, within the Archdiocese and canonically supervised by the Archbishop

A parish may submit a grant application individually and/or be part of a multi-parish group application. Multi-parish applications must list all parishes who will benefit from the grant.

It is very important that the Grant Request Summary reflect the consensus needs of the beneficiary group. Accordingly, we require that the person canonically responsible for the parish community, the Pastor, approves and signs the Grant Request Summary. In the case of a Catholic regional school, Catholic private school, or Catholic secondary school either the President or School Board Chair should approve and sign the Grant Request Summary. In the case of a multi-parish grant, the pastor of the parish with oversight of this grant should sign the Grant Request Summary.

Members of the Foundation Board will review each application and will allocate the resources in a fair and equitable manner, recognizing that there will be more requests than resources available.


Catholic Education Foundation funds, regardless of the grant area, are not intended to finance annual expenditures such as subscriptions. Expenditures for capital projects on facilities and grounds are not eligible for Catholic Education Foundation grants.

Religious Education for Parishes and Schools

The Catholic Education Foundation’s Religious Education Grants financially assist parishes and schools in developing programs and resources which support the Archdiocese of Louisville’s mission of Formation and Education.

For a Religious Education Grant, the following items are included:

  • Programs/resources for a particular segment of parishioners (e.g. seniors, youth ministry, etc.)
  • Programs/resources for a seasonal activity (e.g. Advent adult retreat, Lenten discussion materials, Vacation Bible School kits)
  • Annual fee for parishioners participating in the Archdiocesan Faith Club for adults with special needs
  • Equipment for religious education (e.g., TV, DVD, projector, etc.)

Excluded Items:

  • Personal expenses (e.g. salary, benefits) for lifelong formation and education
  • Regular education and formation operating expenses (e.g. office supplies, student texts)
  • Physical renovations, furniture for formation, and education spaces
  • Mission trips
  • Food, lodging, and transportation expenses for formation and education programs
  • Bibles, texts, and Saginaw books (should be funded from parish operating budget)

Please provide the following information in support of your request:

  • Describe the program for which you are requesting funds from the Catholic Education Foundation – including the start date, end date, and number of parishioners to be served

and attach a specific budget showing how the Catholic Education Foundation funds will be used.

  • Indicate a few ways in which your program will enrich the faith formation of the recipients of the grant.
  • Multi-parish applications must list all parishes that will benefit from the grant.

The cap for a Religious Education Grant will be $3,000 per year. A parish receiving a Religious Education Grant may also participate in a multi-parish (two or more parishes) grant.

Professional Development for Educators and Catechists

This grant is designed to provide Catholic school administrators, teachers, catechetical leaders in parishes, youth ministers, and catechists with opportunities for spiritual growth, such as retreats, conferences, and pedagogical formation in light of changes in content, teaching methods, society, and culture.

The following strategic professional development activities will be given priority:

  • Theology/education degree coursework for Catholic school religion teachers
  • Pastoral supervision
  • Ongoing faith formation activities such as workshops
  • Spiritual formation activities such as retreats
  • Professional conferences such as NCCL, NCCYM, NCEA, etc.
  • Archdiocese of Louisville Ministry Institute (ALMI) classes
  • Adult faith formation experiences

Excluded Items:

  • Membership in professional organizations
  • Areas of school professional development for which federal funds are available. Please apply directly to Office of Catholic Schools (OCS) for those funds.
  • Repetitive coursework and professional development experiences
  • Degree programs for Parish Catechetical Leaders and Youth Ministers working toward bachelor’s/master’s degrees. Candidates should apply directly to Office of Faith Formation for funding for each semester in which they attend classes.

Please provide the following information in support of the grant request:

  • Learner – The name(s) of those involved as learners. If a group, e.g. RCIA team, identify the name of the group
  • Program/Activity – Identify the title and program provider of the professional development program/activity. Give a brief description of the program/activity
  • Competency/Credential to be Gained – Indicate the expected outcome of the program, plus any certificates, designations, etc., which may be awarded upon completion
  • Budget – List costs related to Program/Activity
  • Amount Requested from Catholic Education Foundation Funds – Indicate amount requested from Catholic Education Foundation funds
  • Current Parish/School Budget – List current parish/school budget for professional development

Technology Enhancement

NOTE: Only Schools are eligible for a Technology grant.

Technology grants from the Catholic Education Foundation are intended to fund basic hardware, software, or ancillary technology and assist schools with updating hardware, software, and infrastructure .


  • All applications must be made by the principal or with the knowledge of the principal. The principal must sign the application.
  • A current School Technology Plan must be on file at OCS at the time of application.

Excluded Items (not an exhaustive listing):

  • wiring connections for Wide Area Networks or any other off-site connections
  • video, stage, or athletic production equipment other than hand-held cameras
  • facilities for housing any technology devices or related rent
  • salaries of any nature
  • fees for access to or development of a home page on the Internet
  • fees for development of training material; training for use of technology devices
  • user fees for access to any technology-based data or software
  • operating fees or supplies
  • maintenance of equipment
  • fees for training or education
  • fees for transmission of data or voice (telephone lines, satellite fees, etc.)
  • voice mail systems, pagers, telephones, or telephone systems; voice intercom equipment; paper copying or printing machines
  • recurring costs for program access or maintenance
  • lease or rent of technology equipment

If you have questions regarding the instructions or application forms, please contact the Foundation at 502-585-2747.