In my six years here at the Catholic Education Foundation of Louisville, I’ve never really seen a time at which it was very difficult to make an “ask” of a donor.

But here we are. No one has been exempted from the significant hardships brought on by the coronavirus pandemic – everyone has had to “pull back” in their daily lives as we all work to get to the other side of this very serious public health issue.

The truth is, those who are most impacted are those who live in the lower socio-economic sector of our community. Those who struggle each day to go on to the next. Last fall, the Foundation and our funding partners provided tuition assistance to 3,250 Catholic elementary school students whose families generally fit within this group.

Why work so hard during these troubling times to help send a kid to a Catholic school who can’t afford it? Because they’ll all learn life’s most important lesson – that there’s someone in this world who is greater than themselves. His name is Jesus.

I think that lesson is for everyone, particularly those who struggle the most. Won’t you join us and provide the life-changing gift of a Catholic education to a needy child and their family?

Even in the worst of times, God asks each of us to reach out to that student and proclaim, “The Answer is YES!”

With His blessings and my deep thanks,